Simple, Easy, Fun and Effective

RiversZen Online is a full Online Fitness and Health Studio created just for you!

  • Eliminate or Reduce Pain
  • Get Stronger
  • Become More Flexible
  • Add Mobility
  • Lose Weight
  • Improve Athletic Performance
  • Blood Panel Results Head Towards Normal

Enroll in RiversZen's Fitness and Health Online Studio today!

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Simple, Easy, Fun and Effective

RiversZen Online is a full Online Fitness and Health Studio created just for you!

  • Eliminate or Reduce Pain
  • Get Stronger
  • Become More Flexible
  • Add Mobility
  • Lose Weight
  • Improve Athletic Performance
  • Blood Panel Results Head Towards Normal

Enroll in RiversZen's Fitness and Health Online Studio today!

Join During Coronavirus Shutdown and Save $20 a Month For Life

RiversZen's Online Fitness and Health Studio

Literally includes everything you need to move well, stay healthy and be happy the rest of your life. Presented in Simple, Easy, Digestible, Effective Courses, Lessons and Classes.

Here is what you get...

  • Live Video and Audio ONLINE Classes
    Join Peggy, Kim and Dave 6 days a week for live streaming interactive classes. It's the closest thing to being with us in our studio. Turn your camera on and the instructor will watch you just like an in-studio class making suggestions and offering modifications to maximize your workout.

  • Fun, Invigorating, Challenging Classes on Demand
    Build your strength, increase your aerobic capacity and add flexibility to your life. More than 80 classes to choose from ... everything from "Stretch and Meditate" to "The Butt and Gut Class, from 10 minutes to 60 minutes ... with new classes added on a regular basis just so things don't get stale.

  • Your Secret Weapon - RiversZen's Exclusive StretchPro System
    Increase your strength and flexibility all at the same time ... and learn self fascia release techniques that will leave you feeling absolutely amazing! 

  • 10 Minute Daily Workouts
    Speaking of simple, easy and effective. Build strength, increase flexibility, prevent injuries and avoid illness. Move than 40 different workouts to choose from with new routines added on a regular basis.

  • Body Solutions Videos
    Control pain, fix frozen shoulders, sore backs, stuck hips, foot and ankle issues, weakness ... pretty much anything that ails you. Tons of easy, effective and proven solutions for all of your body parts with new videos and content added all of the time. Got an issue that isn't covered? Let us know and we'll record a video addressing it.

  • Fuel Your Body For Ultimate Fitness and Health
    You can't out exercise a poor eating plan. Sorry, probably not what you wanted to hear, but exactly what you need to hear. We've got the custom solution for you ... In your member area we cover multiple ways to create a customized eating plan that you can live with for life!

  • Monthly Deep Dive Accelerator Workshops
    A new subject is covered every month with assessments, workouts, information and more to help you to move well, stay healthy and be happy!

  • 30 Day Challenges
    Need to Improve Balance, Add Core Strength or Resolve Lower Back Pain?
      Improve issues and achieve lasting positive results. New "challenges" added on a regular basis.

  • Get Your Stress Under Control
    Stress Kills. Get yours under control with these simple techniques for stress reduction including a large number of 5 to 6 minute reflections and meditations.

  • The 7 Keys to Lifelong Fitness and Health
    Jump out of bed every day eager and excited for the new day, get your pain under control, add peace of mind and feel great by adding these simple, easy and effective fitness and health keys to your daily living. 

  • Discover your compelling reasons and set passionate goals
    The tools you need to stick to your plan when temptation strikes

  • RiversZen Support Community
    Best of all, you won't do this alone. In the community you will find the most up to date information on a variety of fitness and health issues, get answers to your questions directly from Peggy, Dave and Kim, and record your successes or challenges for accountability. Let's face it ... we all need to hear "good job" when we accomplish our goals and a little "tough love" when we fall short.

Ready to get started?

Today is the day! Let's do this!

Join During Coronavirus Shutdown and Save $20 a Month For Life

RiversZen Fitness and Health Studio  Is For:

  • People of every age, body shape, and ability

  •  Women who want to feel confident — physically and emotionally… to have more energy for work and play… and to like what they see when they look in the mirror

  •  Men who want to feel strong … to be physically ready for “action” when needed… and to like the reflection they see

  •  Mothers who need strength and stamina to chase those kids around all day… and more energy for their mates

  •  Fathers who need a release from daily frustration, stress, and tension… and more energy for their wives and children

  •  Business professionals who must have mental acuity, physical stamina, and emotional stability to perform at the highest levels

  •  Men over 50 who must beat the 7 deadly threats to male health: Arthritis… Alzheimer’s… Stroke… Heart Disease… Prostate Cancer… Pain… Vision Loss

  •  Women over 50 who must beat the 7 deadly threats to female health: Osteoporosis… Breast Cancer… Arthritis… Alzheimer’s and Stroke… Pain… Vision Loss… Heart Disease

  •  Grandpa and Grandma who want to stay capable and active for their young grandchildren, or are coping with long term injuries and diseases and want to stay strong enough to live their BEST life

Join During Coronavirus Shutdown and Save $20 a Month For Life

You DO NOT have to live your life stiff, sore and in constant pain.

I know because ... 14 years ago I was broken physically, dragging myself out of bed every morning and crawling to the bathroom. I dreaded the day ahead and the extreme pain in my body ... the back pain, sciatica, sore knees, frozen shoulder and painful feet were more than I could take. I was losing it physically and mentally ... But then we discovered a system that worked so well that today I'm fit, healthy, happy and virtually pain free!

Does this describe you?

Are you stiff, sore and dealing with pain on a daily basis?
Are you feeling like you've just getting older and this is how it is?
Do you want to turn that around and feel great every day?

If this is you and you are ready to transform your health and fitness we CAN HELP.
Read on ...

Peggy and I watched as our parents and friends aged poorly living out their later years stuck in their bed or chair.

I believed I was headed for a similar fate, I was looking at a minimum of 7 surgeries, diagnosed with Type II Diabetes ... the doctors told me that handfuls of drugs and injections were needed to live a "normal life"

There had to be a better way so I got off of my butt and along with Peggy started testing everything  that didn't include drugs or surgery and discovered what ACTUALLY WORKS

We found multiple successful strategies and techniques, we figured out how to feed our own unique bodies for weight loss and energy, then discovered simple and effective ways to exercise that quickly returned us to optimal health and a positive attitude in a relatively short period of time.

Guess what ...

It turned out that I didn't need a single surgery!
In fact our bodies totally changed and now we ...

  • move and feel better in our late 60s than in our 30s
  • take ZERO medications 
  • love what we eat
  • love our workouts
  • enjoy amazing health and vitality
  • live life to the fullest and jump out of bed every day excited and ready for action

In the past 12 years we have helped thousands get their pain under control, move and feel better then ever!

... and chances are very good that if ... and only if ... you are ready and committed enough to invest a little time, a bit of energy and a modest amount of money into your fitness, health and overall well-being ....

we know we can help you!

Join During Coronavirus Shutdown and Save $20 a Month For Life

A Total Physical (and mental) Transformation 

In our 40s we were breaking down ... in our early 50s we were broken and battered, not aging well at all. We went to work and discovered multiple techniques, systems, sequences and exercises that literally changed our lives. Through 20 years of  training and discovery we've created the RiversZen Ageless Life System.  This system will save you tons of time and help you achieve the same amazing results for yourself. To learn how, and to have the tools to Move Well Stay Healthy and Be Happy for the rest of your life. Click Here To Read Our Story.

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High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure Totally Turned Around

45 years old  blood work came back with "not so great" results.  High cholesterol, high blood pressure. Not good

7 months with RiversZen and Amy's numbers totally turned around.  The results are better than good ... they are amazing

On top of that I can easily pick something up from the floor, I know It sounds silly but it's huge.  I sleep better I eat better. 



Diabetes Reversed, Cane Thrown in the Trash

Diane felt like her body had betrayed her ... she was using ski poles for  simple walks on the beach, she had recently been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and High Cholesterol. 

She found RiversZen's Ageless Life System and decided to give it a try.

Watch her interview and hear about her amazing results in just 60 days. Inspirational!!!!


Pain Resolved, Weight Lost. Now I Sleep All Night and Feel Great

My hips and were hurting so much that it was keeping me up at night.

The first time I went to class that same night I didn't hurt and I slept all night. 

I found a community of people just like me who work together in a non intimidating atmosphere all with the same goals of Moving and Feeling Better.

Join During Coronavirus Shutdown and Save $20 a Month For Life
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Janice Thompson

I started working with Kim Gibbs about a year ago. The hope was that this would help me with my arthritic hip and weak leg muscles. Her approach has been one of total-body healing with a emphasis on my arthritic hip. My physical condition today is vastly superior to what it was before I began. Owing to Kim's knowledgeable and reassuring approach I have seen remarkable improvement in the strength of my hip and legs during this past year. I now have much more flexibility, freedom of movement, and improved overall posture.

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Betsy Ward

I've had many sessions using every modality you can imagine. The doctors had thrown up their hands and told me I would need to learn to live with the pain. Those days are now behind me due to StretchPro Resistance Stretching at RiversZen. For the first time in decades I feel totally in control of my own health! Blessings

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Sandra Thomas

So thankful my dogs led me to Riverszen... My twenty year chronic low back pain due to a tightened IT band has been resolved, so completely, that I seldom even think of it.  Dave and Peggy have helped me greatly improve my posture and the scapular release I experience is so effective, the relief brings tears to my eyes. 

Last Chance

It's Your Time, We're Here To Support, Encourage and Inspire You.
Let's Do This!

Join During Coronavirus Shutdown and Save $20 a Month For Life