20 Years Ago I Was Physically Broken

Now in my late 60s I move and feel better than I did in my 30s!!!

You know what it’s like to wake up every morning stiff, sore and in tremendous pain. 

  • You drag yourself to the coffee pot wishing you could just stay in bed. 

  • You sit and watch as your kids or grand-kids run, jump and play without you. 

  • Pain is causing you to avoid many of the things you love to do
    ... long walks with your dog
    ... golfing
    ... tennis
    ... crafts
    ... or maybe just enjoying a beautiful day outdoors.

  • Possibly you even need to use a cane or walking poles to just get around.

Imagine instead if you woke up every morning, took a deep breath and couldn’t wait for the day to start. 

  • You begin the day with a long comfortable walk with your dog followed by a fitness class with RiversZen, then grab a quick breakfast before you head out the door for a round of golf, tennis, pickle ball or whatever you want. 

  • After a satisfying lunch you spend the afternoon surfing or exploring the local national park. 

  • A light dinner and you’re on the floor playing with your kids or grand-kids. After you tuck them in and say goodbye to the babysitter you head out for an evening of dancing with your friends.

  •  You retired your cane and donated it to a local charity.

  •  You have tons of energy and for the entire day you feel absolutely no pain.

You move with ease feeling better than you did 20 years ago!

We Make That Happen!

RiversZen Fitness and Health Transformation

Diane Thorne Nichols

Diabetes Reversed
Cane Thrown In The Trash!

Diane Thorne Nichols

Diane felt like her body had betrayed her ... she was using ski poles for simple walks on the beach, she had recently been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and High Cholesterol. She found RiversZen's Health and Fitness Transformation and decided to give it a try. Watch her interview and hear about her amazing results in just 60 days. Inspirational!!!!
Watch Real People, Real Results

Simple, Easy, Effective, Proven

Using RiversZen's Proven 5 Step Process hundreds have found relief from pain and returned to the activities they love! It's simple, easy and effective ...

  • Step One: Incorporate a simple 10 minute daily exercise/stretching program targeted to your specific issues that will get your pain under control. After your personalized and detailed assessment you will be directed to a customized routine developed just for your unique needs

  • Step Two: Identify your compelling reasons and set achievable goals using the RiversZen simple 2 part success formula. Once completed you will have complete clarity on the exact reasons that will keep you motivated. Those reasons are the incentive that will keep you moving forward on your path to amazing fitness and health.

  • Step Three: Master the 4 pillars for optimum fitness and health. This creates the base for a long and healthy life. Simple, easy steps that totally set you up for long term success!

  • Step Four: Learn the super simple, easy and PROVEN stretching and movement system that will help you to move with ease for the rest of your life.

  • Step Five: Build your “FitBox” where you will store your arsenal of tools that you can use whenever you need them to fix problems as they arise and prevent future issues.

Betsy Ward-Thompson

I Finally Have Control of My Life!

Betsy Ward-Thompson

The doctors had thrown up their hands and told me I would need to learn to live with the pain. Those days are now behind me due to RiversZen. I put my cane in the closet, take long hot baths for the first time in 20 years, long walks and am able to participate fully in my life. For the first time in decades I feel totally in control of my own health! Blessings
Watch More Real People, Real Results

Imagine what it will be like to once again fully participate in your life.

Move without pain, stiffness or soreness. Jump out of bed every day excited to get into action

What is included in your Fitness and Health Transformation?

1) Kick Ass, Get 'er Done, Hold You By the Hand Life Transformation where we walk you step by step though RiversZen's proven 5 step process. Complete at your own pace. There is no time limit.

2) 12 Months of Weekly Group Coaching Sessions  ... don't worry, if you can't join live they are added to the member area to watch any time. Each session includes questions and answers at the end. If you can't attend live go ahead and submit them ahead of time and we'll be sure to address them.

3) Lifetime access to the RiversZen Online Studio where there are hundreds of classes designed to keep you moving well and staying healthy. New classes added on a regular basis so they never get stale. But if you have your favorites they will always be available.

4) Monthly Workshops on a variety of subjects that give you even more great tools! Once again, if you can't attend live they are archived and you have lifetime assess to every workshop.

5) Lifetime Access to Unlimited support in our private online community (not Facebook but part of our member area)

6) Lifetime access to us by email and instant messenger

What is your investment in your Fitness and Health Transformation?

If you  would like an initial 30 minute phone conversation, including actionable steps for you, that call is complimentary. 

If we think we can help you through our personal coaching and accountability program, we'll offer to work with you. No pressure, no obligation.

Most programs don't let you know pricing until they get you on the phone where they can tighten the thumb screws! Absolutely Slimey!

We don't work that way ... we trust you can see how amazing and reasonable the Fitness and Health Transformation is when you consider the numerous and life changing benefits.

Take just a moment to think about how much staying in pain will cost you. Not just the cash, but your time. Doctor visits, surgeries, rehab, on and on.

And how valuable is the time you get to spend doing the things you love?

If I had gone through the surgeries they were suggesting for me it would have cost tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket and taken years away from my life.

So here you go ... this program does require an investment in yourself. An investment to change your life. 

Fitness and Health Transformation including 12 months of group coaching

12 monthly payments of $200

Prepay in Full Save 15%

Want more information? 
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We'd love to review the program and discuss the possibilities with you, so let's jump on the phone and discover if this program will work for you!  

We'll ask a few questions and let you know some things you can do to immediately start reducing your pain and get your life back.

The worst thing that will happen is that you will leave the call with some steps you can take today to get your pain under control.

This is not a sales call, but if we feel that there is a good fit ... if we're right for you and you're right for us ... we'll make a no pressure offer to work with you.

Instant message, text or call 503-440-3554 or shoot us an email to info@riverszen.com 

Looking Forward To Working With You ... Dave, Peggy, Kim and Pink