Move and Improve Classes With Peggy

Full length and short instructional workouts with Peggy

Strengthen and Stretch Classes with Dave

Eliminate or reduce your pain with these classes, exercises and stretches

Yoga/Pilates Classes and Workouts with Kim

Get Your Workout On With Kimberly Gibbs

Your Strong Posture in 7 Weeks

Improve posture & balance, relieve back pain. look younger, replace stiffness with flexibility

Short Videos and Training To Help You Move Better, Stay Healthy and Be Happy

Move Well, Stay Healthy, Be Happy - Become Strong, Flexible and Resiliant at Any Age

Favorite Low-Carb Recipes

Tasty and Good For YOU!

End Emotional Eating

What is emotional eating, the dangers it presents and holistic methods to end the emotional and physical pain

Demystifying Yoga, Yogilates and StretchPro

An 8 Week Workshop Designed To Help You Achieve Your Maximum Benefits From Your Poses and Exercises. This course is also included in All Access Membership for ONLY $9.95 a month.