There is a simple, easy and effective solution to help you reverse or prevent the negative effects of aging

... and we're not talking about the newest "revolutionary" exercise program, a "special cream" from a plant that only grows in the highest range of the Himalayas or the "latest and greatest" miracle pill

MYTH: Becoming stiff and sore is something you just have to live with

FACT: You can move well, stay healthy and be happy the rest of your life without taking handfuls of drugs, doing hours of kick butt exercises or starving yourself.

Maybe you have started to notice lots of little aches and pains? Maybe getting out of bed or up from your favorite chair is getting a little challenging? Have you heard yourself say, "that's just life, I'm getting older?"

You DO NOT have to live your life stiff, sore and in constant pain. There Is a solution ... I know because in 2007 I was broken!

Hi, I'm Dave Stevens, pictured here with my wife, Peggy, and two of my daughters, Kim and Pink. We are the owners of RiversZen Fitness and Health Solutions and Creators of  the StretchPro Mobility System that has helped thousands to move well, stay healthy and be happy!

In my 50s, I found myself struggling as my once athletic body broke down in ways that I couldn't have imagined.  Peggy suffered from a similar situation.

We watched our parents and friends age poorly, living out their later years stuck in their bed or chair. Personally, I was depressed and hating life. I believed that I was on the same path as our parents and friends. I knew that I was facing multiple surgeries that according to my doctors would provide only a modest amount of relief from my physical issues. 

Then came  the final straw when I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in my early 50s.

That was it. I swore that I would not go down that path. I knew that there had to be a better way. I was so sick and tired that I finally got off my butt, abandoned all of the traditional methods and started looking for alternatives!

Peggy and I, working together, started researching and testing. We discovered what REALLY works rather than buying into the drug/surgery culture. We were willing to do whatever it took to age well and to feel better. 

We discovered multiple strategies, techniques, how to feed ourselves for weight loss and energy, and ways to exercise that quickly returned us to optimal health and a positive attitude.

It turned out that I didn't need a single surgery!

We now move and feel better in our late 60s than we did in our 30s

We take ZERO medications 

We enjoy amazing health and vitality. 


In the past 12 years we have helped thousands of others achieve similar results and chances are very good that if ... and only if ... you are ready and committed enough to invest your time, energy and a modest amount of money into your well being, We know we can help you too. 

The Fitness and Health Accelerator is for you ...

  • If you like to take charge or stay in charge of your health and life. And you feel that the only way to do that long-term, is by developing a skillset that allows you a slow-and-steady, but super-effective way to stack one healthy habit on to another.

  • If you’re at a time in your life when you feel (or you’ve been told) you need to upgrade your health, so that you can be around for longer, with better enjoyment of being around.
  • If you’ve tried diets before and understand that they don’t work as a lifestyle now (and never will).

  •  Or if you’ve been around the “mill” with some chronic condition that’s taking over your life, but the conventional healthcare system is not providing the answers or solutions…

If you are committed and ready to rock and roll we can help YOU!

Here is YOUR Solution ...
We have built a road map, using the exact steps that we took to heal our own bodies, and created a system called The Fitness and Health Accelerator.  This system will give you the knowledge necessary and the step by step instructions that will help you to find ease of motion so you can do all of those things that make your life worth living ... without the frustration of stiffness, soreness or pain.

But we don't stop with just teaching you what to do, in the Fitness and Health Accelerator you are provided with a vast array of training and online classes that will work for you and the best part is most of the training and classes only take a few minutes a day. We believe in Simple, Easy and Effective.

In addition there is a vibrant community of support, help and friendship ...

We hate manipulative sales pitches and are always up front about our pricing. We keep things simple and provide all of the training, classes, support and community for only $30 a month.

We're offering this super low price to build up a group of amazing results for our customers that we can share. This system of support is easily worth 5 times this cost. This isn't a pitch or scam, we don't rock that way ... so get rid of your procrastination demon and let's get 'er done

Here is what you will learn when you become a member ...

  • An efficient AND effective method of creating or optimising your health. You learn it once, and can use it as many times as you feel necessary.

  • This Method allows you to create the healthy habits and behaviours YOU deem necessary for you – right now. So the changes you make fit in your existing life, and address issues that are currently pressing – which increases your follow through and motivation.

  • You get a clearly marked roadmap of the entire system and it’s supporting tools – so you know where you’re going from the start. And you can refer to it time and time again quickly – without having to re-read the entire course.

  • The “Magic” 7 Keys to Fitness and Health – a list of 7 solid health-building habits that are imperative.

  • They’re evergreen — changes that will make a long-term difference, regardless of what the latest superfood trend or latest fitness fad is, and how your tastes and desires change over time.

  • They are cornerstone — so you make one small change, but because it’s been strategically selected, it has a positive snowball effect on multiple other complimentary areas of health. The perfect example of the “many birds with one stone” metaphor…

  • Unique to you and fitting in your life — because of what these changes are, and how we teach you to use them, you will know how to fit them into your life. Meaning – minimum distraction and frustration for your social, personal and work life.

  • You’ll also learn how to be a kick-ass Health Private Investigator — which is critical for effective problem solving – which means less suffering and wild goose-chasing when analysing your symptoms and looking for solutions.

The RiversZen Fitness and Health Accelerator is the customized path to your well being!

What we offer is a solid, easy-to-use method, that helps you create your own wellbeing one simple step at a time.

A health methodology created for busy people, to minimize the stress and learning curve, so you have more time, energy, and focus to enjoy your business and your life.

A way to make sure that, as you head towards finding a solution for the wellbeing you seek, you’re taking the shortest, least painful route, and making sure you’re solving the RIGHT problem.

The Fitness and Health System is different from any other diet or health program you’d have seen or tried to date. It focuses on teaching you a simple method of building YOUR own healthy set of behaviors.

Then it gives you a set of health-transforming behaviors, and a way to transplant them into your existing lifestyle. The method helps you select only the behaviors directly relevant to your health priorities. The stuff that you see important and the stuff that will deliver near immediate relief and results.