Demystifying Yoga, Yogilates and StretchPro

An 8 Week Workshop Designed To Help You Achieve Your Maximum Benefits From Your Poses and Exercises. This course is also included in All Access Membership for ONLY $9.95 a month. | taught by Dave and Peggy Stevens

Course description

This course is also included in the All Access Membership for only $6.95 a month.  Click Here For All Access Membership
  • Have you ever been in a class and been embarrassed because you think you're the only person in the room who doesn't know how to do the poses or do the exercises properly? 
  • Have you ever dropped into a pose or start an exercise and been confused about which muscle you are supposed to be working on? 
  • Would you like to walk into ANY Yoga, StretchPro or Yogilates class and be able to confidently know and perform each movement?

If that describes you then this 8 week workshop is exactly what you are looking for! 

During these weekly sessions, Peggy and Dave Stevens (Pink too) will teach you exactly what each pose or exercise is supposed to look like, proper alignment, which muscles are targeted, modifications up or down and how you can receive maximum benefit from each movement.

Dave and Peggy  Stevens
Dave and Peggy Stevens

Broken and battered

After basically being broken physically in their 40s Dave and Peggy embarked upon a mission to help them to repair their bodies. They also wanted avoid the pitfalls that watched their parents and older friends fall into as they grew older becoming couch potatoes and living miserable lives. They wanted to be able to move well, stay healthy and most of all be happy.

They did indeed discover the keys to Ageless Living!

For the past 20 years Dave and Peggy have been pursuing solutions to help them to live a full, powerful, peaceful and passionate life. Through that process they have discovered 7 distinct keys that have helped them to thrive well into their 60s.

Sharing these solutions with others is their passion

Since 2007 they have worked with numerous clients, friends and family and helped them to all discover their own vibrant, healthy and passionate lives.

Creators and owners of RiversZen Studios in Oregon and Washington, they have helped many learn how to move well, stay healthy and be happy.

Simple, Easy and Effective Solutions

When Dave and Peggy teach their focus is to not bury you with information, but to teach you Simple, Easy and Effective Solutions that will help you to achieve your Powerful, Peaceful, Painless and Passionate Life!