Seriously, 10 Minutes a Day Will Make Dramatic Improvements In Your Fitness and Health - I Personally Guarantee It!

Hi, I'm Dave Stevens, Allow me share a quick story and to explain how I can help you ...

Success has a price to pay. 

In spite of teaching multiple fitness classes and working with individual clients I was running out of hours in a day for my own self care. 

Because of this I began seeking a way to accomplish my own goals. But there were time constrains. If I was going to continue to age well I needed something that would get my blood flowing, breath moving and body in motion ... and it had to be able to be accomplished in 10 minutes a day or less!!!!

I enlisted Master Trainers Peggy Stevens and Kim Gibbs to assist me. After years of trial and error we have created a series of very short practices that work well for us. The best part is that it works for us AND for our friends, family and clients.

This system of simple movements, exercises and stretches will invigorate you first thing in the morning. It is an amazing energy boost throughout the day. There are sequences that bring in that soft energy at night that allow you a full and restful night's sleep.

Now we want to share this special health, fitness and healing system with you!

Workouts For Busy People is a simple, easy and effective system that is guaranteed to help you to 

  • Reduce Pain
  • Improve Strength
  • Increase Flexibility 
  • Have Better Balance
  • Reducing Stress
  • Improve Your  Health

Simple, Fun, Easy, and Effective Sessions You Can and WILL Do Every Day!

New Classes Added Often

Meet Your Instructors

Dave Stevens

Dave Stevens

Dave has been on a mission for the past 20 years and has discovered the keys to living a powerful, painless, peaceful and passionate life at any age and can't wait to share them with you.

Dave is the Creator of StretchPro, a Certified Ki-Hara Master Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Posture Exercise Professional and the co-owner of RiversZen Studios in Oregon and Washington along with his wife, Peggy and daughter, Kim.

Peggy Stevens

Master Trainer, Certified YogaTune Up Instructor

Peggy Stevens

Along with her husband, Dave, Peggy is the Founder of RiversZen Fitness, Stretching and Yoga Studios in Oregon and Washington. She is also the co-creator of the StretchPro Mobility System. After years of training with top level fitness instructors and multiple Yoga instructors from San Diego to Miami to Seattle, Peggy now teaches a wide range of stretching, yoga and fitness classes.

Peggy is a Ki-Hara Master Trainer, Posture Exercise Professional, Certified Yoga Tune Up Instructor ™, Self Care Professional, and Strala Yoga Guide.

Peggy Stevens is truly an educator ... anyone who can teach Accounting 101 at a Community College and keep the class not only awake but enthused about their subject must be a master teacher!

All you need is a few minutes with her to see that Peggy is passionate about health and fitness and truly cares about her students and their well being.

Kimberly Gibbs

Owner, Certified Trainer

Kimberly Gibbs

Kick Tail Yogalates Instructor (basically her own creation) and The Queen of Low-Carb Goodies!

Kim is not only a multi talented and inspirational instructor, she is the co-owner of RiversZen Fitness and Health Solutions in Astoria, Oregon and Ilwaco Washington.

Kim is always developing new and innovative techniques that will motivate you to give it your all until you "cry uncle". She is a Certified Ki-Hara Instructor, creator of her own unique brand of workout called Yogalates and an amazing creator of super delicious Low-Carb Recipes.