Learn Tai Chi and QiGong

  • 8 week program where you will learn the TaiChi Yang 24 Short Form This involves a 15 minute practice once a week and 10 minute of home work a day.

  • After you know the form there will be additional short (no more than 15 minute) routines where you can incorporate the Tai Chi form into your daily practice.

  • Library of individual Tai Chi movements where you can review each individual part of the form.

  • Additional Lessons Where You Will Learn Advanced TaiChi Concepts and Principals such as Columns, Rotations, Breath, Martial Arts Applications and More

  • The RiversZen Community Support Group where you can ask questions and get additional support.

TaiChi Chi Gong For Every Body


Dave Stevens

Dave Stevens

Dave has been on a mission for the past 20 years and has discovered the keys to living a powerful, painless, peaceful and passionate life at any age and can't wait to share them with you.

Dave is the Creator of StretchPro, a Certified Ki-Hara Master Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Posture Exercise Professional and the co-owner of RiversZen Studios in Oregon and Washington along with his wife, Peggy and daughter, Kim.