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The era of accepting the inevitable fate, living your later years stiff, sore and in constant pain is coming to an end.

In fact, if you listen closely, you can hear the sound of the age old dogma, "you're getting older so you need to learn to live with pain", quietly fading away into obscurity.

Join our FB group/community, to learn firsthand how we’re helping people live free of pain and suffering, to move and feel better than they did 20 years ago!

Learn things, have some fun and kick aging's butt!


Baby Boomers/Gen X (45 to 80 years old) are definitely not their parent's generation.  You pride yourself on being a tad rebellious. You are not satisfied with "slowing down" and accepting a long painful decline into your final days. You have so much to accomplish, you insist on living a pain-free, passionate, healthy and happy life. Every. Single. Day.

Die Young as Old as Possible


Teaching people how to do this has become our mission over the last few years, as we tried one, then another, then another workout, training, diet, secret elixir and insider secrets, all to just figure out how to do one thing-live a long, health and happy life. As we like to say, to die young as old as possible.

We spent tens of thousands of dollars doing this, and more often that not, came away feeling like we had been duped, or at the very least, like all of those trainings were more hype than substance.


You might think getting fit for life can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be THAT hard.


And you're most likely here because you want to eliminate current pain and prevent future pain. To live life fully right up the your final day.

You shouldn’t (and don’t) need to mindlessly take handfuls of prescription medications, starve yourself, do hours of kick butt exercises or stop doing the things you love.

We would never have even gotten into fitness training ourselves, if we hadn’t been so frustrated by all the smooth talking Gurus, doctors and “fitness pros” out there, acting like a bunch of Carnival Barkers, and preying on the fact that we don’t know what we don’t know.


The bad advice and manipulative tactics we were taught, and told to do, could fill the Grand Canyon.


As I said, we have literally invested tens of thousands of dollars (maybe over a hundred thousand at this point) into Coaches, Mentors, Programs, Books and Products, and more often than not, felt like it wasn’t worth it.

In fact, most of what we have learned, we pieced together ourselves.


And you know what? It flat out works!


And to prove that it does (knowing full well that some people will want to hire us to help them speed up the implementation, and support them along the journey), we're inviting you into a FREE private group, where you can learn it all.



Everything that we’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars, and years figuring out, is inside this group, and we give it all away.


Now you might be thinking there’s a catch here, but again, I know that there are always people who will want to hire us to help them, and to speed up their process-and that's it, that's the only catch.

And we'll always be transparent about that.

Of course we're in business to make money, but we only do it by helping you get fit, healthy and happy.

So if you’re ready to finally discover what does work, and begin to steadily eliminate pain, promote healing, get fit, mobile and healthy, then join the Group.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.