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Yogalates - EXTRA Core Work  - 42 minute audio

I Enjoy My Own Company - RiversZen Meditation and Reflections

6 New Yogalates Instruction Videos Posted
1) Flutter Kicks
2) Glutes From Table
3) Heel Taps
4) Oblique Circles
5) Side Lifts
6) Straight Leg Drops

Drum and Fun: The Pound, Move and Stretch Class With Dave - 30 Minutes

Bootylicious ... The Butt and Gut Class  - 43 Minute Audio

Spring Time Energy Flow for Strength Flexibility and Resiliency - 7 Minute Flow

Simple, Easy and Effective Self Massage With Tune Up Fitness Balls To Reduce Hip Pain

I Am Allowed To Cry - Meditation and Reflection

Gentle Hip Opener, Entire Practice On Your Back - 16 minutes

I Release My Worries - RiversZen Meditation and Reflections

Two easy and effective moves to reduce hip pain and increase mobility in just a few minutes a day

Yogalates - Challenge Yourself With The Butt and Gut Class  - 44 minutes

Ignite your energy with This 6 Minute Flow

Bounce and Stretch With Peggy 8 Minute Video Workout

Build Leg Strength While Igniting Your Energy (8 Minute Video)

Yogalates Focused Workout With Kim - 42 Minutes

Strength and Stability Using a Folding Chair and Bolster - One Hour Audio Class With Peggy

Yogalates, Target, Your Core - 45 Minute Audio Class With Kim

It's Leg Day in Yogalates - 45 Minute Audio Class With Kim

Release Your Scalene Muscles for Neck, Shoulder and Arm Relief - Targeted Workout With Dave

Gentle Yoga On a Stability Ball - 55 Minute Audio Class With Peggy

Eight Minute Energy Flow with Dave - Lower Quality But Nice Little Flow

Yoga for Balance and Alignment Using a Coregous Ball and Wide Resistance Band - 56 Minutes With Peggy

Demystifying Yoga Poses. Over 7 hours of video plus photos with text. Included with Unlimited Online Class Membership, Peggy and Dave Stevens

Leaving It All On The Mat - Yogalates with Kim 42 Minutes

Core and Balance Using The Coregous Ball - 58 Minute Audio Class with Peggy

Groin Strengthen and Resistance Stretch For Relief From Back Pain and Better Movement

Gentle Stretch With Peggy - 58 Minute Audio Class

2 Minute Practice To Move, Breathe and Reduce Your Stress

Yogalates To Make You Sweat - 42 Minute Audio Class with Kim

Yoga For Your Core and To Improve Your Balance with Peggy - 58 Minute Audio Class

Finding Your Inner Strength - 40+ Minute Yogalates Audio Class with Kimberly Gibbs

Stretch Your Hamstrings Using a Yoga Strap or Belt Video with Dave

Upper Body Focus with Peggy Stevens - Balance Alignment and Motion 57 Minute Audio Class

Challenge Your Body To Identify Your Under Used Muscles - Challenging 42 Minute Yogalates Workout With Kim

Free Course Added: 30 Days Of Building Your Courage To Increase Your Self Confidence

Gentle Yoga for Balance, Alignment and Motion with Peggy

Meditation/Reflection: Aging Well Is a Priority For Me 

Workout With Kim to her Yogalates Class from RiversZen Ilwaco 

Easy 15 Minute Warrior I Flow To Get The Blood Flowing 

Setting Passionate Goals and Discovering Your Compelling Reasons 

Reflection/Meditation: I Have All The Time I Need 

Posture Tips From Kim 

Increase Your Focus, Increase Your Productivity 

Kim says No Excuses 

Perform Your Forward Fold Correctly To Protect Your Back and Stretch Your Hamstrings 

Cow Face Shoulder Release with Peggy 

Exhale For a Full Breath - Train with Peggy 2 Minutes

Easy Morning Stretch With Dave 42 Minutes

Kayak or Canoe Paddling Warm-Up and Cool-Down

Reflection: I Motivate Myself To Work Out 

Begin Your Day With This 5 Minute Early Morning Stretch and Move To Get Everything In Motion  

Wall Lean - Simple Technique To Improve Your Posture 

Unlimited Online Classes

Join Dave, Peggy and Kim To Move Well, Stay Healthy and Be Happy